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Facility Accessories

Benefit from Automatic, Data-driven Action

Monnit’s facility accessories use data collected from Monnit Wireless Sensors to run mechanical devices (e.g., fans and pumps) or HVAC systems to economize operations, perform tasks, or enhance comfort.

  • Wireless Thermostat—Featuring an integrated motion sensor, this thermostat detects occupancy status and adjusts HVAC accordingly. It then readjusts the system after personnel leaves. The device lacks physical keys to eliminate tampering, making this thermostat ideal for remote locations.
  • Wireless Control—10 amp and 30 amp control devices interface with lower-powered devices and turn them on/off based on a user’s settings via two power relays. Their relative simplicity makes them ideal for fans in warehouses, operating irrigation equipment, and more.

Is the fan on? Did the field get watered at the right time? These facility accessories use data to eliminate guesswork. Simplify your job (and free your staff for more pressing issues) by choosing a remote monitoring accessory below.


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